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Some of the most productive players for the 2010 NFL season

With the NFL approaching, it is a good time to check some of the players that, in our opinion, are going to be the most productive ones during the upcoming 2010 season. This is a list of players whom we think are going to actually excel expectations.

  1. Aaaron Rodgers: He played his 2nd full season back in 2010, and it seems like he is ready to come up with an outstanding campaign this time around as he has all the offensive weapons he needs. He might be able to come up with at least 30 touchdowns and low 6 or 7 interceptions.
  1. Tony Romo: This is a quarterback that is at his prime, and he will certainly do wonders this time, thanks to the acquisition of Dez Bryant, a very proficient wide receiver who was picked at the first round of the past draft.

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  1. Tom Brady: A hall of famer player that is a 3-time Super Bowl champion and that is back to great form. He is expected to come up with at least 35 touchdowns and less than ten interceptions. And with outstanding receivers in Randy Moss and Wes Welker, the AFC must be alert because Brady is back to 2007 shape.
  1. Peyton Manning: His team’s loss at Super Bowl XLIV can only serve to motivate him in order to reach the title this time. He is also kind of old at 34, but still can play like the best, and that is why the Colts can still be considered as contenders.
  1. Drew Brees: I certainly don’t think he will be any different than last year, and even though he might feel more pressured this time because of winning the Super Bowl, he can still come up with great things, and another championship for New Orleans is not out of the picture.
  1. Chris Johnson: This is the first running back of the list, and we have included him because he was spectacular last year, and everybody is expecting him to do the same this upcoming season.
  1. Ray Rice: Another RB who put in some outstanding numbers last season, and whom will be looking to fight for his position against Anquan Boldin, the newest acquisition from the Ravens (coming from the Cardinals), which is why some might expect his numbers to go low a little bit, but he will still be phenomenal.

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