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Portugal beats North Korea 7-0, now plays Brazil

Portugal did not scored any goals in their first match of the World Cup against Ivory Coast which ended with a score of 0-0, but their second match against North Korean compensated that lack as they beat the Asians by 7-0 and are now second in group G behind Brazil, the last team they will face at this stage of the tournament.

Such an advantage in goals can be the determining factor that might allow the Portuguese to make it to the following round of the cup, as the Africans have just one point, and Portugal has 4, which means that if the Europeans losses against Brazil and Ivory Coast wins but for less than 7 goals, the one with the classification ticket will be Cristiano Ronaldo’s team.

The superstar from Real Madrid scored the 6th goal from Portugal, which meant his 1st goal for his national team in an actual competitive game since 2008, when the European championship took place. He also was responsible for setting up teammate Tiago (who also scored at the 89th) for the 1st goal of his team at the 60th minute. The rest of the scorers for the Portuguese were Simao Sabrosa, Raul Meireles, Liedson and Hugo Almeida.

Coach Carlos Queiroz was certainly happy about his team’s performance, as he mentioned that he was pleased with the attitude of his players and the outstanding football they displayed against the North Koreans, whom are leaving the tourney after 2 straight losses.

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In fact, the superiority of the Portuguese was so clear that professional soccer critics are saying that was probably the most one-sided game in a World Cup since the Germans routed South Arabia to an awful 8-0 back in Korea-Japan 2002.

The Asians had a couple of clear options for scoring at the start of the match, but they didn’t managed to make it happen, then Meireles will begin Portugal’s slaughtering of North Korea with a pass to Tiago in order to give the Portuguese their first goal of the cup.

Coach Kim Jong Hun said to feel guilty for his team’s beating and subsequent elimination as he mentioned that he probably didn’t applied a proper strategy, which is why the Portuguese were able to score so many goals.

Brazil and Portugal will be a very head-to-head match, although the Europeans have a slight advantage over the South Americans since they will be playing without Kaka, their biggest superstar.

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