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Polian: Veteran contract extensions only for Peyton Manning

Last year The Colts finished with an outstanding 14-2 record, made an appearance at the Super Bowl (their second in the last four years) and their starting quarter back Peyton Manning earned his 4th MVP award. Such situation leaves little space for any worries, and when you add to that the fact that they are have also been a model of consistency in the league for a full decade, winning a total of an impressive 128 games since the 1999 season, and averaging eleven wins per season.

But this time such consistency might be threaten due to some players looking for brand new contracts which Indianapolis might not want to grant. Reggie Wayne is looking to obtain a contract extension after he ended up with a Pro Bowl season, finishing with one hundred receptions and ten touchdowns for 1264 yards. He actually agreed to some restructuring on his contract back in April 2009, when he agreed to get paid $5.74 million for this upcoming season.

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The other player is Robert Mathis who also had appeared at last year’s Pro Bowl thanks to thirty seven tackles, 5 forced fumbles and a total of 9.5 sacks. He is 29 right now, and Wayne is 31, which are ages in which most veterans get to sign long-term deals without actually getting to sign a Collective Bargaining Agreement, and without such CBA, the franchise can’t be sure about how a high sum contract extension might affect the team’s salary cap in the years to come.

Bill Polian, the general manager for the Colts said to have spoken with the agents of both players, and that even though they make a good case, he mentioned that the team does not have a system, and that without such a system they are not sure if their contract extensions might fit or not in the future.

In a regular year, both players would have received extensions without a problem, but in this case, the rule has an exception, and the one from Peyton Manning seems to be the only contract for veterans that doesn’t fall in the “no contract extensions” scheme from Polian, and well, that is for reasons which are obvious: they can’t make the best quarterback in the league unhappy.

So, it seems like neither Mathis or Wayne will be getting contract extensions, only Manning, who is considered irreplaceable.

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