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Paul Pierce opts out of contract, becomes free agent

Everybody has been talking about LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade as the top free agents, and nobody had focused on Paul Pierce as of now because most critics thought he would remain in Boston, but the small forward has decided to opt out of his contract, and will be testing the free agency waters tomorrow.

Pierce was owned a total of 21 and a half million dollars for playing next season, and if the Celtics wants to keep him in their roster, they will have to come up with a fantastic deal that might actually be possible since they can offer him $96 million for playing four years, while other possible teams can only offer him a total of $93 million for playing the same number of years.

But even like that, Pierce has decided to take a chance, as such amount of cash has never been promised to him, and with him joining Ray Allen in free agency, and Doc Rivers thinking about stop being a coach, the future looks a little gray for Boston. But if the Celtics are to keep either Allen or Pierce, it is clear that Ray is a more viable choice, as he might play for a cheaper price.

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Teams like the Knicks, the Bulls and the Heat have been clearing cap salary space in order to sign one or two superstars during the free agency period which starts tomorrow, and until now, only King James, Bosh and Wade were in their plans, but with Pierce becoming a free agent, they now have another outstanding player in the picture and it is sure that they are giving it a good thought about what is more convenient for their respective franchises.

Now, let’s be honest, Pierce is the youngest and most talented player from the Big Three, and he knows that even if Allen stays, him and Kevin Garnett are old dinosaurs that can’t play at the highest level anymore, which is why he probably thinks that if he stays with the Celtics, his chances of obtaining a ring will not be as good as when these 3 talented players were put together in 2008.

One thing is for sure, whoever gets Paul Pierce to play for them next season, is a team that is going to count with one of the brightest players today.

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