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Our very own mock draft for tomorrow’s 2010 NBA draft

The 2010 NBA draft will take place tomorrow at Madison Square Garden in NY at 7 pm Eastern Time, and now it seems to be the perfect time to come up with our very own predictions for a draft that certainly look more interesting than last year’s, we will review the first 6 teams and who we believe they will be picking.

  1. Washington Wizards / John Wall: To obtain the first overall pick at the draft seemed a gift from heaven for this ruined franchise which is sure to pick Wall, who had been considered as NBA superstar material since he began playing for Kentucky.
  1. Philadelphia 76ers / Derrick Favors: Even though their optimal choice should be Evan Turner, word is that new coach Doug Collins has shown a preference for Favors, whom played for Georgia Tech.
  1. New Jersey Nets / Evan Turner: If the Sixers actually go for Favors, then Turner is the obvious choice for a franchise that is in a current rebuilding process, and which is owned by the wealthiest man in Russia, who is trying to build up a dynasty in a team that hasn’t enjoyed of much glory at the league. Apart from John Wall, this is probably the best player in the draft.

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  1. Minnesota Timberwolves / Wesley Johnson: General manager David Kahn has only two players on his list of draft choices: Evan Turner and Johnson, and with a fourth overall pick, it is certain that they don’t have a clear option of picking Turner, which is why they will mostly likely go for small forward Johnson.
  1. Sacramento Kings / DeMarcus Cousins: For me, this is the third best player in the draft, as he is an outstanding rebounder and has a terrific footwork, but he is probably the most troubled player at the draft, which means that even though he is a fantastic player, some teams might prefer to pass on him in order to avoid to have to deal with his off-court problems.
  1. Golden State Warriors / Greg Monroe: He is just the perfect pick for a franchise that is also rebuilding in order to compete against the Lakers as the top team in California, though if the Warriors don’t pick Monroe, I firmly believe Al-Farouq Aminu can also fit outstandingly on this team.

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