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NFL hall of famer Taylor indicted with raping charges

We are currently witnessing the falling of a football giant who is also a Hall of famer due to personal life problems as Lawrence Taylor, who was once considered as the top linebacker in the league during his professional career with the New York Giants is being accused of raping a 16 year old girl to who he allegedly paid $300 for the sexual act, and though there was consent, his time in jail is coming because she is a minor.

The former superstar is also facing charges of putting the welfare of child in danger and of sexual assault on 3rd degree, and if after the trial he ended up doing time, he might face up to 4 years in jail. The former NFL player has denied all charges.

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Apparently, the 16 year old girl told the investigators working for Thomas Zugibe, the District Attorney from Rockland County that she had been verbally and physically threatened by a local pimp in order to force her to travel 26 miles north from where she was in order to visit the hotel where Taylor was located.

Zugibe said that the easiest way to stop prostitution is to go for those whom are the end clients, and he also mentioned that if Taylor gets some jail time, then this will actually create national awareness and will help to the fight against this terrible illness from society.

But Taylor’s attorney reiterated the innocence of his client, and he along with his legal team opted for not presenting any evidence against the accusations as part of their secret strategic defense plan. Such evidence includes the testimony of a 23 year old girl who says to have accompanied the pimp and the 16 year old, and who stated that they did not even had sex.

A criminal complaint has also been filed against Rasheed Davis, the pimp involved in the situation. Davis says that he does not recall a third person being present in the car he took to Taylor’s hotel, which is why the version of the 23 year old is still being checked in order to be corroborated.

Mark Lepselter, the all-time business manager for Taylor has said that all of what his client wants is to put an end to the whole mess in order to move on with his life.

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