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NBA Free Agency: top players in each position

This free agency period is probably going to be amongst the best ever seeing in professional basketball, with big names and top talent available for teams which are able to pay what they are worth. And when it comes to improve in certain aspects from season to season, free agents are certainly a factor to consider, as they might end up influencing the way in which a team behaves and the achievements that can obtain. Now we will review which ones are the top players in free agency according to their positions.

Chris Bosh / Power Forward: This is probably the best player to have ever played for the Raptors, unfortunately for them, all of that has come to an end, as the 26 year old player is looking for a new team where he can actually have a chance of winning a championship next year. If he is team-up with some other superstar, then such team is sure to become a contender.

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LeBron James / Small Forward: This is a player which every NBA team would love to have in their roster, but the team that will actually make it with his services will need to count with a big wallet in order to pay some big bucks.

Dwayne Wade / Shooting Guard: He was been looking for a new championship since 2006 when he leaded the Heat to the title and was named sportsman of the year by Sports Illustrated. And when you consider that other key players in Miami are also looking for a new north (Jermain O’Neil, Rafer Alston, Carlos Arroyo and Udonis Haslem), it is almost likely that he will be playing in other team this upcoming season. He averaged 26 points per game this previews season.

Nate Robinson / Point Guard: even though he was a bench player in the Celtics, there is no doubt that he is the top free agent in this position. In despite of coming from the bench, he was able to retain double scoring numbers during the season. He is not a very tall player, but this has not prevented him from winning 3 slam dunk contests.

David Lee / Center: He averaged 20 points per game last season with the Knicks, and since he is at his prime, he can give a great advantage to teams whom are in need of a good center.

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