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NBA free agency began today, check the newest moves

Today is the first day of free agency at the national basketball association, and even though the top players haven’t said where they will be playing next season yet, there are a few updates that you might as well be interested in. We are reviewing the winners of losers so far in what is probably the most interesting offseason in the history of the league.

Not just fans of the game, but the players themselves too are excited about what is going to happen during free agency, and when it comes to motivation, different stars have different ones, with some free agents looking for better contracts while others looking for the chance of joining a contender team, even if that means getting less cash.

Now let’s see what has happened so far:

Kevin Durant: It is almost certain that he will remain a Thunders player, as the rumors of a $88 million dollar contract for 5 years are growing stronger, and well, that is certainly a bargain when you consider the kind of prospect Durant is, and also when considering that such amount of cash is nothing compared to what players like King James and Chris Bosh are expected to obtain.

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Carmelo Anthony: Denver is offering him a 3-year $65 million dollar extension, but apparently he has been reluctant about signing immediately, if he decides to opt out of his contract (one year left), he might leave the Nuggets in a very bad position, which means that Denver will have to re-negotiate if they don’t want to see their all-star departing to play for another franchise.

Joe Johnson: The Hawks are quite lucky as they will keep the swingman in their team, but of course that is costing them a lot of cash, as it is reported that they are offered him $120 million dollar contract for six years.

Richard Jefferson: This is the most surprising move so far, as he decided not to sign with the Spurs again in order to look for a team that will allow him to play more. This means that the small forward is more interested in becoming a more proficient player instead of keeping a healthy bank account, as he could have continued to make $15 million per year in San Antonio.

The free agency week just began, and there are still many surprises to come, so you can expect continues updates.

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