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Lakers beat Celtics in tight 7th game, obtained NBA title

Kobe Bryant was running behind the ball with 3 seconds to try to score the last points for his team, but when he finally heard the clock, he instead headed to the crowd in order to celebrate with them the 16th championship for the Lakers as they beat the Celtics by 83-79 last night at the Staples Center in probably the most incredible game in the whole season.

It was like Lakers fans could anticipated what was ahead, as they continued with the “MVP” chants every time Bryant picked up the ball, and the superstar finally received the Finals MVP award from the hands of Bill Russell (though Kobe seemed like he would have preferred to get it from the hands of somebody else since the 11-time NBA champion played with the team they just defeated all of his career).

Bryant was ecstatic when the match was over, as he said to the press that to obtain the championship in the way they did was even sweeter since they had to truly fight to reach the result, and when you consider that the Lakers got their first lead of the fourth quarter almost at the end of the period, then it is even more incredible.

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He said that the ring for his second consecutive championship will have a special place in his already-impressive collection of trophies and recognitions. Mostly because the Celtics were all kind of conspiring against him during the whole game, allowing him to score just 23 points.

The good thing for the Lakers is that everybody was playing well, including Pau Gasol, who ended up with eighteen rebounds, and Derek Fisher, who scored an essential 3-pointer at the fourth quarter that put things even in the score, allowing the Los Angeles to take the lead of the match for good.

Rajon Rondo was 2 rebounds short of coming up with triple doubles, as he finished with 14 points, 8 rebs, and 10 assists, while Paul Pierce (the second best man last night after Rondo) managed to scored 18, and Kevin Garnett finished with 17.

Now is time for questions heading to the offseason and the free agency period, as Celtics fans would like to know what the big men of Boston are going to do, and Lakers fans are also wondering if Phil Jackson will return for one more season to coach Los Angeles? Well, for now let’s allow Kobe and his teammates to celebrate as it is too soon to answer to come up with real answers.

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