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Kobe Bryant: a 1996 13th overall pick that is currently #1

If you go back in time and review some of the players that weren’t chosen as top 10 overall draft picks, you might find one or two surprises, in this case, we will review Kobe Bryant, a player that was chosen as a 13th overall and that is currently ranked as the best player in the league, and, well, if Charlotte knew the potential he carried they certainly would had never traded him to the Lakers, so LA fans, you need to thank the Hornets for their huge mistake.

Charlotte went 54-28 the year they pick and trade Kobe to Los Angeles, they had Anthony Mason, Glen Rice and Dell Curry, and were becoming into a postseason-caliber team, which is why many professional sports critics believe this to be the worst trade in the history of the league, as the addition of Kobe to their roster, could have given the Hornets their first championship title just 8 years after the creation of the franchise, and that could truly had been an impressive achievement.

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Maybe Kobe Bryant would have continued to give the Hornets more titles, and the team would not be in New Orleans right now, as lack of attendance to games was the major reason for the moving of the franchise to another city. With Bryant on their roster, games would have certainly become packed every single time.

Kobe for Los Angeles is what air is to humans, and the Hornets could have had it in their team, but because he was not picked before, they probably though he was just another shooting guard looking for a future in the league, now we know how wrong they were, as Bryant has helped the Lakers to acquire an impressive five championships, he is a one-time MVP, and a 2-time Finals MVP.

Amazingly, none of the players that were chosen before Bryant have come close to the achievements of the Lakers superstar. Amongst those we can find Allen Iverson (the first overall pick, who, in despite of counting with a very good basketball resume, has never won a title), Marcus Camby, Shareef Abdur-Rahim (already retired), Stephon Marbury, and of course, Ray Allen, the guy everybody thought was the best of this draft class, though Kobe with his talent has prove wrong those who were putting Allen before him.

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