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Knicks sign Amare Stoudemire on a 5-year, $100 million deal

Phoenix Suns fans should be getting ready to say goodbye to their top all-star player Amare Stoudamire, as it is certainly that the 27 year old power forward will be signing a $100 million dollar deal for five years with the Knicks, and the transaction is expected to be completed later on today and with things like that, Stoudemire will be making $17.2 million dollars the upcoming season.

The deal is kind of unexpected as Stoudemire wasn’t New York’s first choice and vice versa, but the truth is that Amare was looking for a 5 year contract and the Knicks were in need of a real player that could wipe years of misery and failure from the minds of their fans.

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Now, the Suns will not be left without a good player, as they just signed Hakim Warrick, a power forward that will cost them much more less than Stoudemire, as he signed a contract for four years that is worth $18 million dollars.

There was a lot of pressure from Robert Sarver, the owner of the Suns concerning the re-signing of Amare. He even had a late night conversation with Happy Walters, Stoudemire’s agent, and apparently Sarver was very anxious about the commitment from the superstar, and told Walters that they could not wait any longer and were looking for other options already, but Amare was not just ready to commit just yet, as he was waiting to see how the free agent market was going to evolve as he was expecting a better deal from another team, luckily for him, New York signed him for an outstanding contract.

Actually, when you consider the past knee and eye injuries and surgeries from Stoudemire, it is clear that he received an outstanding deal. The Heat also expressed concerned about such injuries, but were preparing to sign Stoudemire if they were unable to land Chris Bosh.

An interesting note is that Amare will be getting coached by Mike D’Antoni once again, and even though there were rumors that they did not get along very well at Phoenix, they will be coach and pupil one more time at New York.

LeBron James is still in the picture and now that the Knicks have Stoudemire in their team, they immediately became one of the top places where King James might land in order to play next season.

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