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Key offseason moves that will re-shape the Cardinals

The Cardinals have been one of the top teams in the for the past two years, as they have seeing a tremendous evolution thanks to the guidance of a quarterback that is on his way to become into a hall of famer, but after a tough offseason, they might not be as convincing this year.

Even though there are many questions around the work ethics and the maturity of Matt Leinart, nobody can’t put in doubt his overwhelming talent, and I have to say that if the Cardinals are to be successful this time around, all will depend on how proficient Leinart is going to be concerning his offensive control and guidance, and you can be sure he will be trying his best, as he don’t want to lose his starting position to Derek Anderson.

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Now, when it comes to the new additions, Alan Faneca is a top NFL guard that will keep Leinart safe and that will also enhance the team’s rushing attack. The arrival of Kerry Rhodes is also a key element, as he will be pairing with Adrian Wilson in order to create one of the strongest safety lines in the league. And when it comes to the integration of Joey Porter to Arizona’s roster, it is a sure thing that he will be empowering the team with his remarkable linebacker energy.

And concerning their losses, Kurt Warner is probably the most critical one, as he was the engine that fueled the offensive of this team, now the pressure will be on Leinart, who will have to prove that he is capable to fill-in for Warner, who retired from professional football when the past season ended up.

Another huge loss for the Cardinals is Anquan Boldin, a wide receiver that had played for his entire professional career with Arizona only to be acquired by the Ravens during the offseason. Now they will have to rely on the talents of Steve Breaston and Larry Fitzgerald.

The outlook of this team is going to be completely different to what we saw last year, as Warner and Boldin will not be teaming up anymore, and Leinart will have to concentrate on finding a prime wide receiver to work with him during the whole season.

I think the Cardinals will be a good team, but just not as efficient as in the past two campaigns.

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