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Inexperienced coach Maradona leads his team to quarterfinals

With just an honorary coaching certificate, Maradona has done a terrific job as the leader of the Argentinean National Team, as he has not missed a single match at the FiFA 2010 World Cup, and the men he has put on the field have been more than proficient, allowing the superstar to enjoy success as both player and as a coach.

The Argentineans are now in the quarterfinals of the tournament thanks to a win over a Mexican squad that was dreaming with a pass to the third round (something they have achieved in just 2 occasions), but that wasn’t possible, as they were facing a fired up team from Argentina leaded this time by Carlos Tevez, who was probably the best player of the game as he not only came up with 2 goals, but was also terrific at the midfield.

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Gonzalo Higuain, who is one of the positive surprises of the world cup, scored the third goal which sealed a well deserved victory that makes coach Maradona very proud. On the other hand, nobody can deny that the Mexicans made a great effort; with Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez scoring an outstanding goal that will probably end up being of the best ones in the tourney, but that was not enough to overcome the finals 3-1.

To play the Argentineans at the world cup seems to be like a curse for the Mexicans, as they also got eliminated by the South Americans at the round of sixteen 4 years ago, and when it comes to what is coming for Argentina, well, they are repeating the exact same rivals than in 2006, as they will have the chance for revenge against the Germans, whom eliminated them at the quarterfinals in the past tourney, though Maradona is not scared, as he said that he knows the type of rival they have ahead, and will create a game plan which will be based on attacking the weaknesses of the Europeans.

Now on the downside for Argentina, Lionel Messi continues without goals at the cup, not because he can’t score, but because every single team the South Americans have faced have put a strategic defensive game on the player from FC Barcelona, but even though he haven’t scored, he has played outstandingly, and only destiny will tell if he will come out of the cup without a single goal.

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