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Graeme McDowell beats Woods and Mickelson, wins US Open

It seems unbelievable, but a man that probably won’t be heard of again in the future won the US Open, not because he played greatly, but because he played least worst than the rest. Well, Graeme McDowell’s name will be remembered in statistics, but there is no true reason to believe that he will achieve great things once again.

The big disappointed came for Phil Mickelson, who was expecting to win his first Open yet, but it seems like luck is never on his side, as even though he is a big fan favorite, he never manages to do what he needs to do in crucial moments, that is why he will probably be remember as the golfer who was always good but never outstanding.

This is actually the first time in a few years that we haven’t seeing Tiger Woods playing at his best level, in fact, that is almost a decade of total dominance by the top golfer in history. When he gets to retire, everybody would know that they are champions because Woods is not present, though right now that is a reality for McDowell, who will go into golf history as the player that let down (not because of talent, but because of luck) two of the best current players in the world in Tiger and Mickelson, but this certainly won’t happen again once Woods is back into shape.

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McDowell won at Pebble Beach thanks to a par five down in the 18th hole on Sunday, making proud everybody at his hometown of Portrush, Northern Ireland. And, with Mickelson and Woods following him closely, his scorecard certainly did not reflected the scale of his huge achievement as he ended up beaten the two players he probably thought he would never be even close to.

Phil Mickelson, who ended up second, was a good loser to Graeme, as he recognized that the Irish player had done a good, solid job. This respectful compliment was not in alignment to what the press was saying after McDowell came up with the win, as they treated his victory as an afterthought, although Graeme can be glad because it doesn’t matter how uninspired his win was, he will always remain the historical books of golf as the man who managed to defeat two of the best and took the US Open trophy back to Europe.

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