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Dallas incident: Young might walk clean, Vick not involved

Roger Goodell, the well known commissioner of the NFL has said that he will be meeting with Vince Young, the quarterback for the Tennessee Titans in order to discuss what the league will do concerning his off-field problems attached to an altercation the pro football player had at a Dallas strip club.

Goodell said that they are still investigating the real facts, and that they will have an answer soon concerning the shooting that took place outside the strip club where a birthday party for Michael Vick was taking place. The fight supposedly involved one of the Vick’s co-defendants in the dog-fighting trial.

Surprisingly, the commissioner, who is known for being quite strict, said that Young might not be suspended since he is a first-time offender. Goodell was not that understanding with Big Ben, as Roethlisberger was suspended with 6 games after allegations of sexual assault, and the punishment still remained even when Big Ben was removed of all charges, as the commissioner said the starting quarterback of the Steelers was improper and that it put in risk the reputation of the league.

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The commissioner stated that he reviews each case separately and said that he comes up with a decision once he have gathered enough information and facts. He also mentioned that he wants to make sure the offender understands what he did wrong, and what might face if he does it again.

Michael Vick is not directly related in the incident, which is why he won’t be facing charges of violation to his probation terms related to his comeback to the NFL, as he was not directly associated to Quanis Phillips during the incident. Phillips, Vick’s former co-defendant, had to be hospitalized after the shooting and overall confrontation that took place in Dallas.

Now, Goodell never clarified if Young, who was directly involved in the incident will be suspended or not, he said that he might not be because he is a first-time offender, and because of that, his case does not fall in the suspension rule attached to the personal-conduct policy from the NFL.

Vince Young will be really lucky if he does not get suspended, and Michael Vick is even luckier as he was not involved, as if he had been, it could have meant the end of his professional career as a football player.

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