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Controversy around Tom Brady: Pats can’t let him go

Tom Brady is actually entering the last year of contract with the Patriots, and due to this, some specialized sports critics have been saying that the 3-time Super bowl winner is growing distantly from New England, but even though this is true, the Pats have said that there is no way they will let go such a remarkable quarterback.

Back in 2005, Brady signed a 6-year contract with New England, and at that time, the quarterback even took less cash in order to remain loyal to the franchise, but it seems like such loyalty is not paying him now, which is why such move was kind of dumb, and still is, as players like Brady should take the best possible contract they can get based on numbers, and, if the Patriots want to retain the experienced player, they know they will not be getting a discount this time around.

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Now, Tom Brady is still an outstanding passer, but he is certainly not the same player he was back in 2005, as he is 33 years old now, and went under knee surgery, which left him out of most of the 2008 NFL season. He is also married and has two kids, which has not allowed him to be present at all of the Pats’ offseason workout training, which is very different than before he got married, as he never missed any. He even often got the privileged parking space that is given to the player with the best attendance, and the past couple of years that certainly hasn’t been the case.

Though Brady has been focused on being a good father, such thing is of little interest to coach Bill Belichick, who thinks about football 24/7 and who thinks about arduous work as the only way to obtain results, and the little interest Brady has shown is the main reason for the tension between him and the team.

But in despite of all this, Tom Brady is still an star quarterback, as proven last year, when he finished with a completion percentage of 65.7 for 28 touchdowns and 4398 yards (2nd best yardage of his full career at the league), and it is certain that if the Pats without him are no contenders for the title, which is why they will have to think very well what type of contract they will offer him when the time comes.

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