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Celtics face uncertain future with free agency ahead

Before they made it to the playoffs, the Celtics knew that both Paul Pierce and Ray Allen would become free agents in the summer of 2010, and as they continued their outstanding run throughout the postseason, the idea of keeping both superstars in the team grew stronger, but after a forgettable loss to the Lakers in the finals, their future and Boston’s is uncertain.

The Lakers as a whole and not Kobe Bryant alone (he didn’t played well on game seven as he was shooting poorly, and it if wasn’t for his teammates, the champions would be the Irishmen) finished what can be considerable a miracle appearance of the Celtics at the finals, as nobody would have predicted that Boston would make it that far.

But that is old story, as the Lakers are the champs and the Celtics are not, therefore, it is time to move on and see what is going to happen with Boston now that the future of Doc Rivers and the Big Three is still just a guess for most of us.

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Since Kevin Garnett is still under contract, he is the only player from the big 3 who is sure to remain with the team for the upcoming season, and if the Celtics wants a championship next year, they will have to retain Allen and Pierce or get him other top players to help out, as KG is getting old and he will not return to his best shape ever.

If Paul Pierce stays, he still has some good fuel left in the tank for at least two more seasons, but Allen will most likely be looking for a team where he can play his last year (probably), as he is also a very old player whom is not as effective as he used to be, which is why he might want to become a player that can help, but that is not forced to spectacular games.

The good thing for the Celtics is that they still have Rajon Rondo, and they will be building up around him for the future of the franchise, as he is a player that is currently playing outstandingly, though he is not as good as KG, Allen or Pierce when they were at their best. Rondo’s major flaw is that he cannot know down free throws and jump shots, and that is why he needs players that can do that for him on the court.

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