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Capello continues with England, will choose younger players

The English soccer national team arrived home today, finally putting an end to what can be considered one of their major disasters in international performances since they were not able to make it pass from the round of sixteen, being eliminated by a superior Germanic squad. And now everybody wants to know now about what is next for Fabio Capello.

The experienced Italian coach said that he wants to stay with England, and that he is currently thinking about the players which he will choose to build a team around of in order to have a solid group that can fight for the trophy at the upcoming Euro 2012.

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He mentioned that he is interested in a few young faces that might become all-stars in the near future, and also said that he has spoken with Sir Dave Richards in order to get some good opinions in order to take better decisions that will benefit the English team.

Amongst the players he is looking at are left back Kieran Gibbs, a player from Arsenal, and Adam Johnson, the 22 year old winger from Manchester City. He also said that he is interested in getting Michael Dawson back in team, as his defending skills continue to improve with time.

Capello has been severely criticized because of the players he took to South Africa, as most of them are aged, but concerning the matter, he said that his hands were tight since he was focusing on the talent available, and such players happened to be old. Now he is re-thinking his working strategy as he wants to give the young guys a chance to prove themselves in the field, and if he is accurate, then the team that will be playing the Euro in two years in going to be much more different than the one we saw failing terribly at the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

The Italian said that he felt very uncomfortable with the Jabulani, as he pointed out that this is the worst ball he has been forced to train and play with. He mentioned that at least 3 goals scored against his team could have been avoided if they would have played with a different ball, as he said that the Jabulani is very unpredictable as it takes really awkward curves which are impossible to prevent.

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