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Buffalo Bills preview: another undesirable season ahead

Ten years ago, the Bills were a completely different franchise that had the right weapons to be a contender, but since then, they have fell into a series of disappointing seasons, and now carry a ten-year drought concerning playoff appearances, sadly for them, this upcoming season seems to be heading in the same direction.

Let’s begin by the trading of tackle Jason Peters to the Eagles last season. This severely damaged their offensive plans, as Trent Edwards was constantly unprotected and as a consequence, he was regularly beaten up, which is the main reason he ended up benched in many occasions, and that seems to be a bit unfair for a quarterback who has proven to have the necessary talent to be a full starter.

There are a few key new players that can truly improve their overall game, starting with Cornell Green, an offensive tackle that is coming from the Raiders; he might become the perfect replacement for Peters. Another excellent addition is Dwan Edwards, a defensive end that is coming from the Ravens and a man that can truly bring some real positive energy to a team that certainly needs it.

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Also on the positive side, their recruiters did a good job by acquiring some proficient players in the past draft such as C.J. Spiller, as he is an outstanding running back that has proven that he can play at the highest level during his college career with Clemson University.

Now, when it comes to what is going to hurt them the most, we can start with the departure of veteran wide receiver Terrell Owens, as even though it is well known that he is a player that starts behaving in a bad way in his second year with a team, it is also true that he has the necessary knowledge to be part of a proficient offensive nucleus.

When it comes to defensive there are some good and bad news for the Bills, as they are second in the league in defending passes, but on the negative end, they are thirtieth out of 32 teams at stopping runs.

And finally concerning their offensive, they will have to find the way to protect Trent Edwards if they don’t want him to get injured early in the season, while the quarterback will also have a job in creating good chemistry with Spiller.

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