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Brett Favre says his major incentive is to defeat the Saints

Brett Favre loves attention, there is no doubt about that, and he loves it even when there is nothing new to say about him, and when such moments come, he will come up with a new polemic statement that will get the press attention back to him.

This time is not the exception, as the experienced quarterback said in an interview with a newspaper from Minnesota that he can still play at a high level and that his main motivation to comeback would be to beat the New Orleans Saints, as they were the ones that beat them last year at the NFC Championship game, and Favre is eager for vengeance.

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He also mentioned that when he go out on the street, he always finds people telling him to go back and beat the Saints in order to redeem himself, and such words from Vikings fans can’t do other thing but to fire up his desire to play at least one more season, and if Favre actually returns, he will have his chance of getting revenge in the first match of his team, as they will face new Orleans on the opening game scheduled for September 9.

The Vikings had the chance of drafting Jimmy Clause, who was considered to be the top quarterback in the 2010 NFL draft, but they passed on him, probably because they know that they still count with Favre for one more year.

Of course the management team from Minnesota is keeping up with the Favre-isms, as they don’t want to make the veteran player to feel uncomfortable so he will be willing to play for the team with all of his heart, instead of putting pressure on him just like the Packers did a couple of years ago, which is probably why Favre decided to play for the Jets, and then for Green Bay’s arch-rivals, as he is a player that truly loves the game because of the game and not just because of the cash that can be made, and if he feels that if a team is not willing to treat him the way he think he deserves to be treat it, then he won’t play at his best.

Favre has underwent 3 minor surgeries, but he says that he feels fully recovered and ready, now what everybody wants to know is if he will actually return.

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