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Athletes whom have retired just to make an early comeback

Athletes know that they won’t be able to practice professional sports for all of their lives, and there are some of them that have decided to call it quits but that have bounced back in order to see if they can have some last flashes of glory, in this article, we will present you with the most relevant ones from a variety of sporting categories.

Michael Jordan: In my opinion, I think Michael should have remained retired since the first time he decided to call it quits, as he left at the pinnacle of his career, but then he began to ruin his image as a venerated sporting icon by deciding to play baseball, and well, let’s just say that this short period of his life might be one he will prefer to forget. Then in 2001, he came back as a basketball player for the Washington Wizards, and even though he did not played bad, he was certainly not even near to the level he possessed when he was a Bulls player.

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Lance Armstrong: Now, this is a very different case than Jordan’s as he was forced to an early retirement due to being treated for testicular cancer on stage three. He fully recovered and came back to win not one or two, but an amazing seven consecutive Tour de France competitions, becoming into the most successful cyclist in the history of the sport.

Roger Clemens: He is one of the most successful baseball players of all times. Clemens has come close to retirement 3 times during his 26-year career at the MLB. He is currently inactive but not retired, and the reason is because no team wants to hire him because of the steroid scandal he was involved in.

Brett Favre: The favorite quarterback of America has thought of retirement during the last 4 or five years, but his love for the game and the fact that he continues to play as good as when he began his career at the NFL has make him change his mind. He is now the starting quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings, to whom he expects to lead to a Super Bowl win this upcoming season, and if he makes it, I am sure he will call it quits for good, if not, we might have another year of Favre in professional football.

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