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Another World Cup shock: Holland defeats Brazil by 2-1

Another shocking defeat at the 2010 FIFA World Cup took place today when powerful Brazil fell to the Netherlands by 2-1 in the game that took place at Port Elizabeth. The victory is allowing the Dutch to play the semifinals against the winner of the game between Uruguay and Ghana.

Wesley Sneijder scored at the 68th minute, giving his team a valuable win against Brazil, a team that was also defeated at this stage 4 years ago when they fell in a match against France.

Robinho scored the first goal of the match thanks to a low pass from Felipe Melo, who is not going to get too much love when he returns to Brazil, as he was the responsible of an own goal that put things 1-1 at the 53rd minute.

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The win for the Netherlands came as a sort of revenge, as they were eliminated by the Brazilians in the semifinals of the 1998 World Cup, and now a whole country is celebrating a classification that might allow them to come up with the most valued trophy in the history of the sports, though they will have to face one more rival before the final match, and when it comes to favorites, I believe Uruguay are the ones who will make it.

The Dutch have now extended their streak of victories to 24, with their last defeat dated to September of 2008 when they fell to Australia.

Holland won, but the truth is that Brazil dominated the first 45 minutes of the match that took place at Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, though they were left out of energy for the second part of the match, allowing the Netherlands to take the lead for the rest of the game.

Brazil is one of the most beloved teams in the world, which is why this defeat is hurting a lot of people whom are true fans of the nation that holds the most world cup titles in history with five. The Netherlands have never come up with the trophy, as their top results have been two second places, one in 1974 when they fell to West Germany, and in 1978, when they were defeated by Argentina.

Can it be that we will see a re-match between Maradona’s team and the Oranje at this World Cup final? It will be certainly an outstanding game to watch for sure.

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