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Allen Iverson returns to play for the 76ers

According to his personal manager Gary Moore, Allen Iverson might be active for the 2010-2011 season as the 35 year old player has stated that he feels that he can still play at the highest level, and people who have followed his long career at the league won’t disagree with him.

Moore says that Iverson has been working out really hard in order to get prepared for the challenges he will encounter in the upcoming season.

The guard, who played college hoops for Georgetown, began the 2009 season playing for the Grizzlies, but then he returned to the team that made him famous, the Philadelphia 76ers after finding himself constantly benched on Memphis. He played for Philly for ten years, from 1996 to 2006.

Iverson was always a determined player when playing for the Sixers, but sadly, he never managed to win a championship with them, now that he is back, the professional basketball team from Philadelphia can be considered a contender once again, and since he is quite old, this might be his last chance to come up with the ring, which is probably the only thing he’s missing, as he has accomplished great things, and have obtained a series of awards that includes Rookie of the Year (1997), NBA MVP (2001), 4-time scoring champion, 3-time all-NBA first team, 11-time NBA All-Star and 2-time NBA All-Star game MVP.

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Allen Iverson find it difficult to get signed last offseason before Memphis recruit it him, but then he decided to quit professional basketball only to return to play for the 76ers after Louis Williams, their point guard at the time, got injured and unable to play the 2010 season.

And as he’s returning, he has stopped his career as a rapper, and now, his album called Misunderstood, won’t see the light.

The experienced player has said that he tries to approach every game with a John Stockton mentality, which means that he tries to play as best as he can without using his physical ability all the time, instead, he prefers to think every play, and he is certainly really good at that, since he is a player that can see things happening before they actually occur.

Things at the NBA are going to be a little bit different this time around, with teams like the Bulls and the Nets powered to become contenders, and with Allen Iverson back in the 76ers, this team might as well joint that group of franchises with a chance for the title.

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