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After late win to Algeria, USA disappoints in Ghana’s game

The disappointment of the Americans could easily be noticed on Landon Donovan, the player who was in the talks of every sportswriter out there as he gave his team a late pass to the second round of the FIFA 2010 World Cup thanks to an overtime goal against Algeria, but the result against Ghana was so frustrating for Donovan, that he curse the Ghanaians a little bit, and then went straight to the bench with frustration written all over his face.

The 20 million dollars for winning the cup seemed like a great motivation for the Americans, but the truth is that even though it was great cash, the United States team simply didn’t had the talent that is needed to win the most wanted trophy in the history of sports.

But one thing is for sure, in just 2 weeks, USA gave their fans many reasons to celebrate and to believe that the cup was not out of the picture for them, but their crash against Ghana served as a comeback to reality.

Probably the biggest weakness for the Americans at the cup is that they have allowed their rivals to come up with early advantages, it happened against England, with a goal scored by the Englishmen at the 4th minute, then it happened again against Slovenia, allowing them to score at the 13th minute, and it happened one more time against Ghana, as the Ghanaians scored their first at the 5th minute, only this time was fatal.

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Despite of Donovan’s good work, this United Stated team clearly lacked a good striker, and that could have easily been Charlie Davies, who missed the cup due an injury which was the product of an car accident. And that is why the pressure on Donovan was noticeable, let’s face it, he is just not that good, and certainly expectations on him were way too high.

Soccer is amongst the least favorite sports for Americans, but the interest has witness some growth, especially concerning this version of the USA National Team. People bombed their facebook page, and workers were trying to be at home on time for the games, which is why their early departure after an outstanding game against Algeria is seeing by many as the biggest disappointed they have faced. I think the future of soccer on this country is a bright one, and who knows, the next world cup they might make it to the quarterfinals at least.

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