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A quick review on some 2010 NBA draft rookies

The NBA draft took place a week ago, and now the chosen ones are getting adjusted to their respective teams, here we will review the top picks concerning how well they might be adapting to their new teams as rookie professional basketball players.

John Wall: The Wizards must feel like a million bucks now that they count with the services of the top prospect, though now they will need to find the way to accommodate their players around the talents of the 19 year old point guard, but that doesn’t seem to be a tough task, as Wall has proven to be a very unselfish player, which is why critics believe he won’t find any trouble playing along Gilbert Arenas. And, it is really doesn’t matter who he plays with, as John Wall is sure to become into one of the top superstars in the league, so you can expect Washington to be one of the top teams in the league.

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Evan Turner: Well, he is a player that won’t come up with impressive dunks, but he certainly knows how to do everything else very well. He is expected to team up Jrue Holiday at the 76ers, and with the return from Allen Iverson to the team, it is certain that Philadelphia is going to be a contender.

Derrick Favors: He was signed by the worst NBA team from last year (only twelve wins), but things will be much more different this upcoming season, specially because of the addition of this outstanding 18 year old player that is going to team up with whoever superstar player New Jersey gets at free agency (they’re hoping is LeBron James).

Wesley Johnson: The Timberwolves were also one of the worst teams last year, winning a low 15 games, which is why the addition of this young small forward is going to serve them greatly. He will certainly become a start since day one.

DeMarcus Cousins: The Kings were looking to make it with the services of a player that had been coached by John Calipari, and Cousins was their best choice, this is because they did it last year by choosing Tyreke Evans whom went on to acquire the Rookie of the Year award, and they are hoping this time Cousins will also be heading in that direction.

More updates on these and other new rookies soon!

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