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4-time World Cup champs Italy out of tourney in group stage

Slovakia just defeated Italy, the current World Cup champs, and such 3-2 victory over the Italians is giving them the ticket to the next phase of the tournament where they will have to play against the winner of group E, which will be most likely the Netherlands as they are already classified, and would only go to the second position if Japan wins against Denmark and the tulips lose against Cameroun.

Italy, a 4-time winner of the tournament is going home, and that can be considered as one more failure in this cup that already saw France packing their bags in order to return to Europe after falling eliminated due to a loss against South Africa.

Marcello Lippi, Italy’s coach, said that he takes full responsibility for the elimination of his team in the group stage, as he mentioned that it was his fault if the squad got out to the field with fear and insecurity. He also said that his tactical scheme was not the best and that he totally regrets what is happening now.

What is more surprising is that this team is 95% the same than the one that won the cup four years ago in German territory, though Fabio Cannavaro, who was one of the responsible ones for giving Italy their last cup, fell short of talent this time around.

Robert Vittek should be named a national hero in Slovakia, as he scored two of the 3 goals that gave his national team the chance of continuing disputing the world cup trophy after taking down one of the favorites in a match that is probably going to end up being one of the top ones in the tournament.

After Vittek scored his second goal at the 73rd minute, Italy seemed to improve with a goal by Antonio Di Natale at the 81st, but then Slovakia took the lead for good thanks to a third goal scored by Kamil Kopunek who came as a substitute, then the Italians would shorten the lead to a single goal thanks to Fabio Quaglirella in injury time.

Well, you can always blame the coach for bad results, but the truth is that he never touches the ball while is being played, which means that the 11 men that were on Ellis Park a few hours ago should blame themselves for disappointing a European nation that breathes soccer.

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