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World Cup: Brazil plays to little-known North Koreans today

Today is the first match for Brazil at the 2010 FIFA World Cup, and they are opening against a team that is barely known for them and the rest of the soccer community: the North Koreans, whom the Brazilians are not taken lightly at all.

Brazil is the only country in the world to have come up with a total of 5 titles, while North Korea is a team that has not made it to the cup in more than forty years, and their total isolation (thanks to Kim Yong Ill) is probably the top advantage against the South Americans in the match that will take place at Ellis Park.

Dunga, Brazil’s coach has said that every team in the World Cup deserves respect, and he also mentioned that they cannot enter the game thinking that the game was already won, as North Korea might actually have a few aces under their sleeve in order to surprise.

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This team of Brazil is quite different to what we might expect, as Dunga has based his strategy on a strong defense rather than an overly-confident attitude and fantasy plays. This time, Dunga will prefer to apply a similar playing style to the one utilized by Brazil to win the cup back in 1994 at the United States. In fact, the Brazilian coach decided to pick his players based on how disciplined and hard-working they are instead of relying in players with a successful past.

Kaka has said that there is always a little anxiety when it comes to the first game of such an important event, but he also mentioned that this is a strong squad, and Brazil being Brazil, they should be alright.

This Brazilian team has not change too much since Dunga took over, and with such a roster, they won the Confederations Cup in 2009, and also managed to 1st in the South American qualification ladder for the World Cup. They have also attained recent victories in friendly matches against Portugal, England, Italy and Argentina.

And even though many fans are not very fond of the new tactical scheme from their team, they certainly would like to see Brazil crowning themselves as the winners of the cup, and Dunga’s defensive planning is exactly what can route this team to the obtaining of the 6th trophy at the World Cup.

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