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Will the UFC sign Jake Shields? Still unclear, but possible

Jake Shields, the well known middleweight champion from Strikeforce continues the negotiation period with the California-based mixed martial arts organization even after the exclusive period of re-signing has ended. Jake Shields senior, who is the father and manager of the fighter has said that his son is going through a period of non-exclusive negotiation, also called a matching stage, where Strikeforce has the chance of matching any offers from other companies, though he didn’t confirmed if the San Jose, Ca. promotion has offered Shields a new contract yet.

The current clause from Shield’s contract attached to the matching period is unknown, and until that is over the fighter cannot be considered a free agent which is why Strikeforce is able to match any potential negotiations from UFC.

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The contract from Jake Shields is different from that one of other MMA fighters, as his does not have a “champion’s clause”, which is why his contract was not automatically renewed (that would had occurred otherwise due to his defending of the middleweight championship title).

Dana White, the president of ultimate fighting championship or UFC has said that was really interested in signing Shields once the exclusive period is over, but in a more recent interview he mentioned that he is not sure what the terms of his contract with Strikeforce are, which is why he can’t talk to the figher just yet, as in his words “We don’t play like that”.

But he also mentioned some poisonous words as he stated that Strikeforce sucks and that he is almost sure Shields wants to come to the UFC, though the agent of the MMA fighter said that his arrival to the UFC is not a done deal just yet.

The last fight from Shields (31 years old) as a member of the San Jose promotion came in April when he defended his title against Dan Henderson in a match named “Strikeforce: Nashville,” and such fight did not offered Henderson a chance to fight Shields once again before the expiration of his contract.

Shields have expressed a desire to opt out of Strikeforce as he wants to have the chance to fight other top MMA fighters such as Georges St-Pierre, the current welterweight champion at the UFC, but as of now all he really wants is to take a short vacation in order to re-think his choices in order to take the best possible decision.

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