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Where is Lebron James heading to?

On Thursday night, Boston was able to dispatch the Cavs, ending with their 2nd round postseason series in 6 games, and as LeBron James was leaving the court, he was also removing his #23 jersey. Everybody noticed this, which is why people were wondering if that was the last time they would be seeing James wearing a Cavs uniform.

I was certain that LeBron was staying with the Cavaliers, but I actually have changed my mind, and two factors contributed to this: the beginning and the end of this series. Were you able to see the look on James’s face just before game one, when he was showing his MVP trophy to the Cavaliers fans that showed up at the ceremony?

He actually looked reflective and maybe even a little bit sad, not exactly the emotions you would expect from a 25 year old pro who just obtained his second MVP distinctions in a row. His face probably reflected what is to come: LeBron James leaving Cleveland for good and of course, he looked sad because he is probably going to miss playing for his hometown and his people.

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Something is for sure: everybody wants to know what King James is thinking. He is such an outstanding player; one that passes the ball good, who is also a team player and no unselfish at all, he always wants to make everybody look good, and perhaps what he really wants is to be in a team where he can be himself, maybe he resents that this team relies on his talents way too much, maybe he doesn’t want to continue to carry with more than 40 years of grief concerning his hometown’s failures at the NBA.

At least 3 NBA general managers have told reporters that they are almost certain that James will leave the team, and according to them, a probably destination for him are the Bulls, and they were also agree about John Calipari becoming the next coach for Chicago. They believe that the Bulls might be looking forward to offer Luol Deng for King James, in order to continue to have enough salary cap space to be able of opting for signing another superstar such as Chris Bosh or even Dwayne Wade.

If James actually ended up in the Bulls, this franchise might end up being as powerful as the one of Michael Jordan’s era.

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