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Veteran Jamie Moyer wins game to Yankees at their ball park

Jamie Moyer seems to be a resilient player, as he became the oldest pitcher to beat the Yanks in the history of the New York franchise. Such victory at Yankee Stadium meant the 265th in his career, and according to him, he can still come up with great things as he says that he doesn’t feel old at all and that he can still compete at the highest level, as shown during his outstanding performance from Wednesday night.

The 47 year old Moyer managed to beat the Yankees by 6-3, and he did it after a defeat the night before at the same ball park but with Roy Halladay playing instead of the veteran.

Derek Jeter mentioned that it didn’t came as a surprise to him what the experienced Phillies pitcher did, as he recognizes that Moyer has been doing it for a long, long time, and according to him, he certainly continues to apply what he knows best, which is why he continues to be as proficient as always.

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The defeat put an end to the streak from the Yankees whom had 9 straight matches without losing at home. And they lose mostly because Moyer was able to challenging them to apathetic outs, making their plays so ineffective that they managed to come up with just 3 hits.

And for Philadelphia, this meant their ninth win in 26 games, and they have managed to score 6 runs only in 4 occasions during such time. The result is leaving them at 3rd at the NL East.

Let’s face it, this is a huge thing to do by such an old pitcher, and when you consider that Jamie Moyer can actually be a favorite of your grand dad, is even more impressive that he continues to perform as we as he had done until now.

Back to back home runs are basically what allowed the Phillies to come up with a valuable victory in their series against the Yanks, and at their own stadium.

And probably such fact attached to the one of losing against a player that is probably playing his last games at the MLB is even worst for New Yorkers since they know their team is considered as to be America’s team, and they certainly are probably feeling a little bit humiliated right now, but baseball is baseball, and there will always going to be loser and a winner.

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