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Two kings talk: LeBron James interviewed by Larry King

The free agency period is around the corner, and LeBron James, the 2 time MVP is one of the most important free agents, which is why all eyes are on him now. Larry King interviewed the superstar at a place near to the all-star’s Akron home, and such talk between both kings will be aired this coming Friday on Larry’s CNN show. The interview is part of the 25th anniversary celebration from the news network.

James as not spoke about much with the media since the Cavaliers was eliminated by the Celtics (who then took the Magic down and will now play the finals against the Lakers) in the second round of the postseason.

The subjects discussed in the interview where not immediately available, but apparently he did not revealed any of his actual plans, but when you think about the kind of player he is, and the kind of money that teams are willing to pay for his services, then there are a clear few choices.

This 25 year old player is the main free agent in one of the best selection of the last decade, including Carlos Boozer, Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade.

King James has said that he is weighing his options with a team of top analysts, whom are supposed to help him to take the best possible decision concerning his future destiny at the NBA. And some of the teams where LeBron might go are the Nets, the Bulls and the Knicks, as these are the three teams that are expected to give a strong fight to make it with the services of the pro basketball player.

Larry King is an interviewer that is known for having the necessary skills and tricks under his hat in order to get truth out of his panelists, but apparently this was not the case with LeBron, as he did not revealed much about his sports decisions.

Although many believe that James will be heading to the Nets next season, as the new owner of the New Jersey franchise has enough cash to caught his attention by giving him an outstanding contract and hiring other top athletes to play along him in order to have a chance of winning a championship, which is probably the only thing LeBron wants more than anything else right now.

The two kings played a h.o.r.s.e game, and well, you probably know who the winner was.

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