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Top NBA players without a championship ring

There are a good number of NBA players that have spent a considerable amount of time in the league, and have not managed to acquire a championship ring, and out of those, there is an elite group that truly deserves the ring, some of who are still playing and some whom are not. A few of them managed to make it to the finals, but their dreams were truncated, which is why we have created this list of those players that we believe should have worn a champs jersey at least once.

LeBron James: Of course this list has to include the current MVP in the league, whom is a player that has all it takes to make it big, but that hasn’t been able to get the ring just yet. King James is the first one on the list because he is still too young compared to other players that are going to be mentioned, and because it is almost certain that he will obtain one or more titles in the upcoming future.

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Tracy McGrady: This is a player that has been a dominance force in the league for the past 10 years or so, starting with his time with the Raptors, then his pass through Orlando, to arrive at Houston, where he stayed for 6 seasons, and finally making the trip to New York, his current team.

I truly feel it is kind of unfair for him as his teams always ended up being wiped out of the playoffs quite early, always failing to make it to the second round. Now that he is with the Knicks, I think his possibilities have increased considerably, as this is one of the teams that have the chance of drafting some good talent during the free agency period which will begin shortly after the NBA Finals.

Vince Carter: This guy is truly multi-faceted, as he can certainly score, can also contribute with some outstanding dunks, and is an outstanding entertainer. He is an amazing player that is now 33 years old, and with his career at the league approaching an end, he might as well end up being another sad case just as Reggie Miller, a player from the Indiana Pacers that was at the top of the league at one point but departed with no ring in his hand.

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