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Tom Izzo still hermetic about coaching the Cavaliers

Tom Izzo is currently at training camp with Michigan State, and when asked by one of his players what his plans were about his decision of coaching at the NBA, Izzo refused to comment on the matter, saying that many people is very interested on knowing what he will do, but he just do not want to go public yet.

He probably wants to know if LeBron James is going to remain with the Cavaliers, as his decision might have a lot to do with that.

This is probably a very tough choice for him as he had been coaching at Michigan State since 1993, but he can’t deny his excitement about having the option of coaching one of the top basketball players in the world, and also about doubling his yearly salary to maybe six million.

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King James has said that he is not interested in jumping in the Cavs’ search for a new coach, and also mentioned that he hasn’t spoken with Izzo about coaching in Cleveland, and finally, he said that he doesn’t have any favorite coaches to fill the vacancy at his current team.

Now, in the case of Izzo refusing the option of coaching Cleveland, the Cavs already have a plan B, as they have been in contact with Byron Scott, who has coached the Nets and the Hornets before, and who is also a former 3-time NBA champion, though Scott’s agent has said his client is waiting to see what Phil Jackson is going to do as he might be interested in coaching LA next season.

The owner of the Cavs, Dan Gilbert and the team’s general manager Chris Grant both have refused to comment on the matter, which is why nobody is really aware about how advanced the conversations are between Izzo and the Cavs.

But this has not stop the media from searching for clues on Izzo’s decision, as reporters were even given limited access to Michigan State’s training camp in order to interview a coach that is in the talks of every Cavaliers fan, though he has remained hermetic.

The search for a coach for the Cavaliers began when they let Mike Brown go due to continuous unsatisfactory results, and until LeBron James decides where he is going to play next season, Tom Izzo will probably remain in silence about his decision.

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