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Timberwolves are the real losers in the lottery draft

The NBA draft lottery took place recently, on May 18, and according to a lot of people, the Nets were the losers as they were supposed to obtain the first overall pick but instead were handed the 3rd one.

In fact, I think the real losers was not New Jersey, but the Timberwolves, mostly because the Nets (in despite of bad results), count with a decent roster filled with players who want to win, and Minnesota instead have a bunch of un-athletic players whom I believe are also overpaid and that don’t even care if they come up with victories or not.

Of course Twolves’ general manager David Kahn is trying to paint a different scenario by saying that the team is in fact in a very good position with the upcoming draft picks and all the money they have.

But that could not be farther from the truth, as when it comes to signing rookies and free agents, who would want to sign with a team that has an awful history in the league, in a town that offers really cold temperatures, and no clear warranties that you would want to remain in the team once you have gotten to know the structure of the franchise just a little bit better.

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Sure, they might be able to exchange picks in the draft and actually get at least a couple of decent players, but they are not going to obtain a superstar just like the one they certainly need to switch things in their favor, as the rest of the NBA franchises won’t trade players that can help them to Minnesota for some late round picks or expiring contracts.

The New Jersey Nets, on the contrary, do count with solidified players in Devin Harris and Brook Lopez and a couple others whom showed some promise during the regular season, and with a brand new Russian billionaire owner, the actually could not be better.

Yes, sure, as of now, both of these teams are awful, but after the free agent market close down and the draft is over , it is certain that the Nets will be more solid than the Minnesota Twolves in the upcoming season in despite of having acquired an unexpected 3rd overall pick. Sadly for their fans, this is a somehow unlucky team, just ask Kevin Garnett.

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