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The NBA Lottery is tonight at the Madison Square Garden

The lottery for the NBA draft is an event where the teams that did not made it to the postseason have the chance of obtaining a good position in the draft order. The team that had the worst record in the season is the one that gets the most lottery balls, in this case the Nets, and the one with the least will be the Rockets. Keep reading for some interesting storylines around this important day.

The Nets is a team that has been lucky concerning the lottery as they won it twice already, once in 1990 and then a decade later, in 2000, and now, another decade after that, they are hoping to get the top position in order to able to draft John Wall from Kentucky, a point guard that will certainly make this team better. Even if they do not obtain the first pick, they are guaranteed at least a fourth position.

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New Jersey’s owner, Mikhail Prokhorov, who is the wealthiest man in Russia, is hoping to recruit a top superstar such as LeBron James in order to complement the rookie player that is to be drafted.

The Timberwolves are also amongst the teams with the best chances of obtaining the first pick, and if they do, they apparently will go for Evan Turner from Ohio State instead of choosing Wall.

The Kentucky Wildcats are a team that is going to send the most rookies to the draft, including guys such as Patrick Patterson, Daniel Orton, DeMarcus Cousins and of course, John Wall.

Gordon Hayward is another interesting option for favored lottery draft winners, as he’s the one that leaded Butler, a small school that defied all odds and beat Duke, the traditional powerhouse. And even though he is not the strongest or the fastest player at the draft, he is certainly disciplined and consistent as he averaged 17 points per game last season.

Sure, they are not part of the draft, but some college coaches might actually follow their players and make a transition to the NBA. Right now, the names of John Calipari, and Tom Izzo are amongst the ones that might leave their current jobs in order to look for a more solid career at the national basketball association.

The Knicks are probably the ones that are full of regrets now, as they gave their 2010 draft pick to the Suns, who then gave it to the Jazz, in the deal that brought Stephon Marbury to the team, now Utah is the team that might land one of the top 3 picks.

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