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Suns beat Lakers 118-109 and series is now 2-1

Superstar Amare Stoudemire has been highly criticized because of his current performance at the playoffs concerning all aspects, from his defense, to his rebounding and even his desire for winning.

The Suns forward listened to criticism all week very patiently, and on Sunday night, he proved everybody that he is still as good as always with an outstanding performance against the Lakers, as he came up with an outstanding 42 points and grabbed eleven rebounds to power his team to a 118-109 victory that puts this Western Conference finals series 2-1.

Everybody has been talking about a possible Boston-Los Angeles championship finals, but as per Phoenix’s victory from yesterday, such talking has been put on hold, as if the Suns manage to win their second home game in this series which is going to be played on Tuesday night, then things will be 2-2, with not a clear winner.

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Stoudemire pointed out that he cannot be criticized because he lacks determination, as he says that he is as dedicated and responsible to the game as always, and that is actually one of the reasons why he has continued to improved as a player summer after summer in despite of injuries and other unwanted circumstances.

For the Suns, Robin Lopez finished with 20 points, while teammate Jason Richardson ended up the game with 19 and veteran Steve Nash managed to help the Suns with 17 points and fifteen assists.

And for the Lakers, Kobe Bryant finished with triple doubles: 36 points, eleven assists and 9 rebounds. Paul Gasol scored 23 and Lamar Odom ended up with ten points and 6 rebounds.

This current situation is very interesting, as the Suns might as well end up being just like the Celtics, a team that everybody was taken for an underdog, but that at the end proved to be much more than that. In fact, the most prognosticated finals showdown was between the Lakers and the Cavaliers, and now it might actually end up being Celtics-Suns.

The Suns dethroned the Spurs, whom had swept them out at the Western Conference semifinals for the past 3 seasons, and the Celtics took down the Cavaliers, a team that a lot of critics had as an actual candidate for the championship. Well, neither Cleveland nor San Antonio are present in this playoffs, instead, we are witnessing the uprising of teams nobody believed in.

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