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Suns and Lakers plays game 5 tonight at Staples Center

After two consecutive losses in the Western Conference Finals, the Lakers are reconsidering their position against the Suns, and even though fans of Los Angeles were chanting “we want Boston”, this team will have to find a way to beat Phoenix if they actually want to play the finals against the Celtics and defend their current champions’ title.

This is not the first time that the Lakers are in this type of situations as last season they had to overcome a similar score in their series against the Nuggets in order to play the finals against the Magic, and the professional basketball team from Los Angeles is aware that they will need to beat the Suns at the Staples Center on game five if they want to make it to the last round of the postseason.

Phil Jackson doesn’t look concerned at all about the Lakers losing two straight, as he said that basketball at this level is different, as it is more demanding, and he said to his players that if they cannot handle the challenge, then why bother to look forward to the finals.

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The key to the Suns’ success against the Lakers has a lot to do with their improved defensive performance and their bench plays, much different than the Lakers, whom have hidden their lack of good defense with a 58% shooting.

Now the series is returning to Los Angeles, and Lakers players knows the importance of winning this upcoming game, and also understands how important is to defend better against Amare Stoudamire, who did not played well on the first two games, but who improved considerably at the last two games at Phoenix.

Kobe Bryant commented that he feels awkward about his team’s performance, as he feels that they have suffered of mental lapses concerning their tasks, which hasn’t allowed them to perform as they would like to. The will need to see how they can overcome a 2-3 defense scheme from the Suns which was the decisive key that allowed Phoenix to acquire the victory on game four.

If any of these two teams want to come up with a win tonight, they need to pay attention to the small details, as that is precisely what it would count in one of the most interesting games in the current NBA playoffs.

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