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Some of the most interesting matches of the group stage

The 2010 FIFA World Cup began this morning with the opening ceremony, and fans of soccer all over the world are ready to watch their favorite teams displaying their talents at the most awaited sporting event. And, in the group stage, there are some key matches that that are more interesting than the rest. In this article, we will review some of those.

Mexico vs South Africa: Sure, when it comes to their potential to win the cup, neither of these teams are good enough for such task, but they are the ones that will open the event, and it is clear that the eyes of the world are going to be focused on this match. Players to watch here are Giovani Dos Santos from Mexico, and Steven Pienaar from the hosting country.

Nigeria vs Argentina: Lionel Messi is the current FIFA World Player of the Year, and it is certain that he has achieved everything as a club player with Barcelona, but with his national team it is another story, as him and his teammates had a difficult task qualifying for the cup, and they will have their first though mission against Nigeria, a team that can be considered one of the top ones in the black continent. This match will take place on June 12.

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Unites States vs England: Sixty years ago the Americans defeated the English in one of the biggest upsets in World Cup history, and on their group C match, they will try to do the same, though it might become a tremendously difficult task since the Europeans are amongst the favorite teams to win it all at South Africa.

Ivory Coast vs Brazil: With a team made of superstars, and the other one featuring Didier Drogba, anything can happen in this match from June 20.

Paraguay vs Italy: The Azzuri, whom are the current world champions, are coming from losing a friendly match to Mexico, which is why nobody knows what to expect from them this time around, though they might get lucky against the South Americans since they will be playing this match without their major superstar, striker Salvador Cabañas.

Spain vs Chile: We will already know the condition of each one of these teams when they get to play this match from June 25, which I think it will be won by the Spaniards since they are considered the top favorites to win the cup.

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