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Similarities between the Finals from 08′ and the current ones

As if it was a mirror of their series from 2008, the main subjects from that time remains in these finals: Kobe, the defense from Boston, Andrew Bynum’s knee, Celtics’ Big Three, Phil Jackson’s masterful strategies, and last but not least, the usual questions about Paul Gasol’s strength.

Boston will also try one more time to stop Kobe from being as dominant as he is when it comes to important postseason games, and they will be using Ray Allen for such purpose (who is going to be backed by the whole front line from the Celtics). And, with things like that, Bryant will, once again, have problems with his dribbles and his spin. You can also expect Garnett to come up with the same average of eighteen points per match, just like he did back in 08’.

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Boston will try to keep the ball out of Kobe’s hands as much as possible, and he actually gets the ball in his hands, you can expect Boston to try to induce a few kickouts and jump shots to counteract him. And when it comes to their offensive, the Celtics will probably be using pick and rolls in a continuous rotation that will be played along with numerous off-balls in order to provide their scorers with the most favored shots.

When it comes to the Lakers, their goal in terms of defense will be to keep a steady balance in the middle of the court, and when Boston comes up with the possession, they will be sending double teams to recover the ball as fast as possible. And concerning their offensive plans, well, I am pretty sure that Phil Jackson will be repeating his same tactical scheme of running through the high post in order to allow Gasol and Bryant to make plays all across the court.

I also think that Paul Pierce is going to be as effective as he was back in the 08’ season, and I am predicting that the Lakers are certainly going to be caught off-guard due to the intensity which is going to be displayed by Boston.

But besides these factors, I think that the one that will be exactly the same is the desire that is going to be shown by each team, therefore, the one that wants it the most is certainly the one that is going to come up with the 2010 Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy.

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