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Randy Moss parts ways with lifetime agent

The sporting news network ESPN has reported that the starting wide receiver for the Patriots, Randy Moss, just fired his agent Tom DiPiero, and it is said that the main reason for his decisions is the fact that the football pro is looking for new representation and that it had nothing to do with personal issues between him and DiPiero.

Moss is just looking to do better businesses concerning his career, as he is trying to obtain a better deals in the future in both the economic and sporting aspects. Randy Moss has not taken any decisions about leaving the Patriots just yet, as he even showed up for organized team activity in a voluntary way, and according to an interview in the Boston Herald, he is looking forward to play next year with New England without coming up with conflicts or wrong mindsets.

This is the last year of his contract with the Patriots, and he apparently is not expecting to receive an extension by New England, which is why he is looking to hire a new agent that can get him a according to his level: an elite contract for an elite player.

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The relationship between Moss and DiPiero is a long lasting one, as the latest has acted as Randy’s agent since 1998, and their split can be confirmed by visiting the website for the NFLPA, where players without agent aren’t listed, and Moss’s name does not appear.

Moss has stated that the Patriots are a team that does not pay their players the salary they deserve, and that they only pay top salaries to those whom they consider as irreplaceable pieces in their strategic scheme, and even though the contract of Vince Wilfork might have change that mentality in some football critics, the truth is that Moss will still be earning 6 million a year this coming season, which is clearly not the type of salary he is looking to earn as a superstar wide receiver.

The Patriots knows that Wilfork is a very unique nose tackle that does not come often, but when it comes to wide receivers, their position is that such type of players can easily be replaced, and believe me, if that wasn’t the case, they would be doing all they can to keep Moss in their team, but that is not the case.

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