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Paul Pierce: trash talk and his twitter account hacked

Boston has won two straight on the road in the finals for the Eastern Conference, and are now just two games away from reaching the last series for the championship, which will be played at Staples Center. But even though all of this seems outstanding for the Celtics, there is still something worthy of criticizing.

The Celtics currently holds a record of five straight playoff victories, and all of the starters for the team are playing sensationally, Rajon Rondo looks like a Hall of Famer, Ray Allen is at his best, and others like Tony Allen and Glen Davis are also performing in a phenomenal way, so, what is to be criticized about the Celtics, and specially about Paul Pierce?

Well, Superman Howard actually looked like Lex Luther when he fouled Pierce early in the game, to what the Celtics player responded with a marvelous presentation on the court, scoring a total of 28 points, hitting nine of eleven free throws, but after the game was over, Pierce had a conversation with an ESPN reporter, where he stated in an agitated way that they will be closing out the series in Boston, and left the Orlando court waving and telling Magic fans that he will see them all, but until next year. Trash talk at its best.

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This is no good at all for the Celtics, as Pierce is just adding wood to the fire, motivating Orlando to come to Boston and play even better.

And if that was not enough, it seems like Pierce’s twitter accounts had been recently hacked, as even though he is a person that can come up with trash talk from time to time, he confirmed that some of the messages on his accounts which were intended to offend Dwight Howard and the rest of the Magic were not written by him.

But, before Paul confirmed that his twitter accounts had been actually hacked, people who were following Pierce’s tweets certainly took it as if the tweets were wrote by the player itself. And, the most offensive of the comments concerning the Magic was the one reading “anybody got a broom” referring to a possible sweep of Orlando. As of now, it seems like Pierce has taken control over his twitter account one more time, as all such messages had been deleted.

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