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Our mock draft for the first four overall picks

As you might well know, the draft will take place in about a month from now, and well, if you think John Wall is the top player in this class of rookies, you are probably right, and if you believe that he will be taken by the Wizards, then you are maybe right again, but is that actually their best decision? Let’s take a look at some reasons about Wall should not be chosen by Washington with their number one overall pick.

To begin with, the Wizards are not needy for a good point guard, as they already have Gilbert Arenas, which is why I believe Evan Turner, the forward from Ohio State is a better fit for their current roster. But when you think of all the hype around John Wall, fans of Washington might not be very pleased if their team does not take him, even when it is probably not their best decision.

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And if you think that teams does not consider their fan base approach to their decisions, well, they actually do, which is why the easiest decision for the Wizards would be to take Wall, and when it comes to Arenas, the simplest thing to do would be to put him as a reserve for Wall, who is a bit superior.

Concerning Turner, his most clear destiny is Philadelphia, whom will certainly try to get him with their second overall pick. And believe me, if the Wizards does not end up taking John Wall, then Philly will, and Turner might land either as a first overall or as third overall.

Now, with a landscape of Wall and Turner in first and second, we have Derrick Favors, the 18 year old power forward from Georgia Tech, who might end up landing in the Nets, the team that was expected to obtain the first pick at the draft lottery, but instead received the third one, which they can utilize to draft Favors in order to create an outstanding duo along with Brook Lopez.

The Twolves obtained the fourth pick at the lottery, and a great fit for their franchise can be Wesley Johnson, who is a forward from Syracuse that can truly become into an important part of the rebuilding project that is currently taking shape in Minnesota.

This is our current mock draft, and even though when it might not end up being completely accurate, it is almost there.

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