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NBA draft: J-Wall to land in Washington instead of NJ Nets

Wall stood up alone and faced the TV. The Nets, the team Wall had expected would become his initial NBA home, was the first to fall, dropping to third. Once the Sixers were announced as the second pick, Wall knew where he was likely headed: the nation’s capital. He continued to stand there silently, letting the news wash over him. Tears began to well up in his eyes before he composed himself.

The draft lottery took place last night at the Madison Square Garden, and its importance was reduced to 3 teams: the Nets, the Wizards and the 76ers. John Wall, who is the most sought-after rookie to be recruited at the upcoming draft, was watching the event at a TV at his agent’s home.

Before the lottery, Wall thought that he would start his NBA career playing for the Nets, the team that was expected to obtain the first position at the draft, but instead it was Washington who obtained it. Now John Wall knows exactly where he is going to be playing his first year at the league.

Now the question is: can Wall actually play well along with Gilbert Arenas? The young player from Kentucky said that he doesn’t have a problem with Arenas, and also pointed out that all he wants is to win and to help the organization.

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Of course the draft hasn’t taken place, and J-Wall is still not a member of the Wizards, but to think that they will pass on a player like him will be a little bit of a fairy tale. And if they actually land Wall, they will be expecting him to be different to Kwame Brown, the player that was chosen as the number one spot of the 2001 draft, and who went on to disappoint the Wizards and Michael Jordan with his underperformance.

Wall is quite excited about picturing his immediate future in Washington, as he and his agent Dan Fegan could not be happier with the draft results, as they know DC is one of the biggest markets and an outstanding place to live. Wall was also excited about having the chance of playing in front of the capital’s most famous basketball fan, president Barack Obama.

If John Wall does not ended up wearing a Wizards shirt, he will still have great options in the Sixers and the Nets, the teams that obtained the second and third overall picks respectively.

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