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Nadal and Soderling might meet at Roland Garros finals

While some of the big names in Tennis have fallen at the French Open, Rafael Nadal has arrived to the Roland Garros semifinals unworried and ready to play at his best in order to have a chance of obtaining the open men’s singles crown one more time as he lost it in 2009 against archrival Roger Federer after earning it in four straight occasions before that.

The pro tennis player from Spain was able to celebrate his 24th birthday yesterday, and a victory today against Jurgen Melzer can truly serve as the perfect gift. The Austrian has never going farther than the third round in this important tournament until he managed to do it last week.

Actually, Melzer is only the second tennis player from Austria after Thomas Muster (1995), who has managed to make it to the semis of a grand slam tournament. He achieved it after beating the favored Novak Djokovic in the quarters, and such victory for the Austrian is just one of many surprising defeats, including Serena Williams and Federer (swept by Swede Robin Soderling in 4 sets) both of whom were recently eliminated.

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In fact, out of the top players in Roland Garros, only the progress of Nadal has been predictable, and he will certainly be looking for revenge against Soderling, who eliminated him in the fourth round of last year’s competition. That is, if both can successfully pass their rivals at the semifinals.

Though when asked, Rafael Nadal said that doesn’t keep any grudges, which is why he is completely focus on his current rival, Melzer, who he has beaten twice in the past, and a victory from the Austrian can really give a 180 degree turn to the landscape of the French Open.

On Soderling, he will be playing as a favorite against Czech Tomas Berdych, and when it comes to the performances from Nadal and the Swede, the latest has certainly been more impressive, dropping just a single set in the tournament.

A Finals match between Soderling and Nadal will be simply outstanding, with the Swedish playing with a high degree of confidence that allows him to believe that he is actually able to win a grand slam, and with Nadal being the experienced man. This scenario is just a possibility, but if it actually takes place, then it will be certainly a must-watch.

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