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Mikhail Prohorov: The savior of a franchise in clear decay

Apart from a not-so-favorable location in Newark, new Jersey, and in despite of counting with a rosters that has not been quite consistent, and in despite that this team almost make history at the NBA by winning the fewer games in a given season, Mikhail Prohorov, the wealthiest man in Russia, decided to acquire the Nets.

Yes, it is true, this deal might seem awkward, as he is acquiring the worst franchise in the league, but the reality is that this man is a visionary, and run by him, this team is sure to become into a more decent team, and why not, even a title contender.

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This Russian billionaire is reported to own around 9 or 10 billion dollars. He is a workaholic (according to some sources, he even spends as much as 15 hours a day working), and he is also an intelligent businessman who happen to love hoops.

Just last week, Prokhorov debuted as the owner of the Nets in a press conference held in Manhattan which ended up being quite extensive. He then went on to represent his recently-acquired NBA franchise at the lottery draft which was help on Tuesday night at the Madison Square Garden, where New Jersey received the 3rd overall pick (it was expected that they would receive the first overall but that one went to Washington).

And, after listening and reading all of which the Russian had to say, it is clear that this man is certainly what this team needed: a winner that is going to contribute to the future success of a franchise that was in clear decay. He is looking for a globalized team, and certainly one that will be able to compete for a prime spot at the playoffs as soon as possible.

The good things for the Nets is that this man loves the game, and since he has top dollars in the bank, it is a fact that he will be delivering all of the resources needed in order to make of this franchise one of the best ones at the NBA.

In fact, things look so good for this team, that there are already plans to move from Newark, New Jersey, to Brooklyn, New York (where there is a large diversity of ethnicities) as Prokhorov is planning to fund the construction of a brand new $700 million stadium for the Nets.

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