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Magic wins game five, takes series against Boston to 6

Can the Magic be the first team in NBA history to actually make a comeback from a 3-0 deficit? Well, what is certain is that they are not ready to go home just yet, as they beat the Celtics by 113-92 yesterday night at Amway Arena, and now the series is going back to the Td Garden for game six, and Boston will try to close the series at home in order to celebrate their conquering of the Eastern Conference title and their pass to the finals.

Dwight Howard, who scored 21 points and ended up with ten rebounds, recognizes that they have a huge challenge in front of them as they will have with another road win at Boston if they want to remain alive at the series, but he is also aware about the current condition of his team and knows that they are playing better, which is why he is trustful about coming up with a good result.

Just a few days ago, this series looked like a sweep, but the Magic gained momentum and are now half way from making history thanks to players like Jameer Nelson, who came up with 24 points on game 5 and J.J. Redick who finished with 14. Such outstanding contributions, plus Howard’s return to form are good reasons for the Celtics to worry about their latest performances at the playoffs.

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For Boston, the top scorer was Rasheed Wallace, who came up with 21 points and Rajon Rondo with nineteen for a team that was almost certain to make it to the finals in just four games, now it can be 6 or even seven.

The Celtics might not count with the services of Kendrick Perkins for Friday’s game as he has accumulated at total of 7 fouls, and his absence can be prejudicial for Boston, who might not count with the services of Glen Davis either as he suffered a concussion on game five due to an elbow from Dwight Howard. “Big Baby” is currently being evaluated in order to see what his actual condition is.

It is amazing how in 93 postseasons, no NBA team has managed to win a series after getting hit with 3 straight defeats, and coach Stan Van Gundy is certainly expecting his team is going to be the first one to come up with such record.

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