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Magic takes 4th game of series to overtime, wins 96-92

The Celtics will have to wait another game in their series against the Magic in order to celebrate their classification to the finals as Orlando managed to win game 4 by just four points in overtime, avoiding a sweep. The game finished 96-92 with 32 points from Dwight Howard (and sixteen rebounds), and 23 from Jameer Nelson (also nine assists).

Now the series is going back to Orlando, where the Magic is going to try to acquire a second victory that can actually gives them a chance of stay alive and opt for a third win that can put things even, and if they do it, they will be the first team in the history of the league to prevent elimination by overcoming a 3-0 deficit.

Stan Van Gundy, the coach for the Magic said something very true after his team’s win: some team, at some point is going to make a comeback from a 3-0, and it all will start with a victory at game four, and, why not Orlando?

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For the Celtics, Paul Pierce was the top scorer with 32 points (eleven rebounds), Kevin Garnet scored fourteen and twelve boards and Ray Allen helped with consecutive three-pointers in OT, but Pierce failed to score in two occasions, preventing his team to take the route to the finals once and for all.

The current Eastern Conference champions led by ten points in the 2nd quarter and were up in the scoreboard 85-78 with less than 3 minutes in the fourth quarter to force the overtime with the score at 86 even.

Neither the Magic nor the Celtics scored in the first 2 minutes of the extra period until Nelson came up with a three-pointer and scored another one just 43 seconds after. Then one of the big 3, Ray Allen also managed to hit a 3-pointer and Superman Howard then came up with a dunk and obtained a couple of free throws, one of which he missed, the Allen scored another 3 points to put things 94-92.

Then Howard would go and score the last two points of the game with just 53 seconds on the clock and Paul Pierce could have saved the Celtics, but he sadly missed two three-point attempts.

The loss is certainly a lesson for Boston, a team that will have to battle against the Magic at least one more time in these playoffs.

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