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Liddell vs. Franklin: the main event of UFC 115

Yes, there was a time when Chuck Liddell aka Iceman seemed to be able of overtaking the world of mixed martial arts thanks to his impressive striking and his more outstanding defense. He was one of those whom brought a certain sense of invincibility to the octagon with him and fans couldn’t be more pleased about it, and looking back at his glorious days, followers of this sport start to remember when the light heavy weight division champion had a different style.

They remember how the champ was far above defeat, and Liddell was exactly that: a fighter who contenders knew they couldn’t take a belt away from, but one they hoped they could at least be able of competing against.

Chuck’s success was actually a key part of the future success of MMA as a mainstream sport, and today, as fans point out to Brock Lesnar and Georges St. Pierre as icons of mixed martial arts, the truth is that Liddell was the first one to carry such moniker.

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The legend of “the Iceman” started to shake when he fought Quinton Jackson aka “Rampage” for the first time, as he was the one who handled Liddell his first defeat, and in four years, he managed to handle him another one, which have meant the only two defeats in Chuck’s not-so-recent career. And since he lost his UFC Light Heavyweight title, he simply hasn’t returned to form, achieving a single win in 5 fights.

Now he has a chance of returning to form against Rich Franklin aka the “Ace”, a fighter that has been able to defeat Nate Quarry and legendary Ken Shamrock, which means that he is not afraid to fight against another MMA veteran in Liddell this coming Sunday in the main event of UFC 115. Tough Franklin has been quite successful, he also knows how is to have a rival that can be considered as his Kryptonite, Anderson Silva being such man.

Since Liddell’s prime is way over and since Franklin hasn’t been in the octagon for a while, there is no clear favorite for tonight, though I certainly believe that Dana White made a mistake by allowing Chuck to comeback in a main event since he has lost his last 3 fights, and if I had to pick one fighter, then I will say that the “Ace” might come as the winner.

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