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Leftwich is a clear candidate to temporarily replace Big Ben

It seems like the competition to see who is going to replace Ben Roethlisberger has gone down to a single man, and that is Byron Leftwich, as he is emerging as the top quarterback after Big Ben at Steelers practices at training camp, which is an indication that he will be starting the first six regular season games for his team due to the suspension that was imposed to Roethlisberger by commissioner Roger Goodell.

Mike Tomlin, the coach for the Steelers wants to be sure about who is going to be the starter in the quarterback position as soon as possible in order to start building strategies around him, and Leftwhich is his top option as of now, followed by 3rd year Dennis Dixon and Charlie Batch as the third choice.

But even though Leftwich is winning the position as of now, Tomlin is not going to decide who is going to be the actually replacement for Big Ben until June, which gives Dixon and Batch the option of stepping forward and start playing better in order to be considered.

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Dixon is the least experience of the first 4 quarterbacks for Pittsburgh, but he is showing clear signs that he has enough talent under his belt to fight against Leftwich and Batch in order to become the man that will replace Roethlisberger, not just in the first 6 games of the upcoming season, but also when Ben decides to call it quits at the NFL, and even though that will not happen any time soon, it is good to know who are the men that are seeing as the possible candidate to jump into the superstar’s boots.

Pittsburgh’s coach is clear about one thing: he doesn’t want players coming to training camp gossiping about whom is going to fill which role in the team. He prefers all of his pupils to train as hard as they can in order to become the one that will be given more work in order to play at the starting position.

Well, the NFL regular season starts in September, which is why all of these players need to concentrate on giving their best effort right now, and continue to give it until the right time comes. Will Leftwich be the one to be called as the replacement for Big Ben? Quite possible, but is not certain yet.

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