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LeBron James and other free agents to hold open summit

What do you think about this: let’s get Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade, and LeBron James in a private room together, then let’s leave them there for a few hours discussing and asking opinions between themselves in order to see where each one of them is going to play next season, then let’s get them out so they can tell us where are they expecting to play next season so we can have an idea of what the league is going to look like.

Well, this is apparently not a fantasy, but a fact, as the top 3 free agents, along with Hawks’ guard Joe Johnson will be holding a free agency summit in order to listen and think wisely where they actually are going to play in order to step out of each other’s way.

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They want that their actual final decisions will be based on what other players are looking to do, so according to them, it is not a “me” thing, but a series of choices which will certainly increase the potential of the league. James said in a recent interview that him, Wade and Johnson have all held private meetings in the past, but that they want to open the meetings to more free agents in order to discuss things better.

There is no doubt about LeBron James being the most sought-after free agent, which is why he is clearly the decision maker, and it is certain that his advice will be really appreciated by players such as Carlos Boozer and Amare Stoudamire, who will probably be looking for a new north during the offseason.

Chris Bosh mentioned to his current team, the Raptors, that he is considering teams like the Knicks, the Bulls, the Heat, the Nets and the Lakers, but he said that if Wade or James are picked by a team that also has an open spot for him, then he will opt for such team as he wants to play with a franchise that can become a contender for the title.

There is no doubt that these players are looking for the best possible deals, and they will certainly be better in bigger markets (James is just too big for Cleveland), as they can obtain better endorsement deals, which is why the Bulls and the Nets are the two most appealing teams to make it with their services.

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